Safety is essential in an electrical installation, and that means using high-quality electrical parts and fittings throughout every circuit in your home. Our electrical supplies section contains all the items you need to install, repair and maintain your home's electrics, from circuit boxes and fuses to the latest in smart home technology.

Light Fixtures and Light Bulbs

Light up your home with our range of light fixtures, featuring products suitable for both decorative indoor use and outdoor security. Choose from chandeliers and pendants for dining room elegance, wall sconces for lighting corridors and stairways, and night lights and lamps for secondary lighting throughout your home.

And with a large selection of undercabinet lighting, outdoor lighting, as well as work and shop lighting, 正规的外围App has what you need to properly illuminate any area. And of course, we also stock all the light bulbs you’ll need around your home in a wide range of watt equivalents, color temperatures, sizes and shapes.

Commercial Lighting Supplies

If you need to illuminate a larger area, our commercial lighting supplies section is packed with strip lights, LED panels, floodlights and more. Find commercial lighting supply near you at 正规的外围App, sourced from leading suppliers including MetaluxSatco and Lumark.

Smart Home Technology

Our smart home section features electric supplies that can save you money while increasing energy efficiency and the everyday comfort of your home. Choose from active thermostats, garage door openers, air quality filters, intelligent light fixtures, security locks and other useful selections, interlinked into one system controllable from your smart device. Our range includes individual items for quick replacements or upgrades, or complete starter packs with everything you need to build your first smart home system.

Circuit Breakers, Panels and Fuses

The electrical panel lies at the heart of your home's circuits and plays a vital role in safety. Our range includes panels with high amps to handle the heaviest of loads, alongside circuit breakers and fuses to protect against overloads, surges and electrical faults.

线 and Wiring Supplies

Our wiring supplies section features wires rated with enough amps to withstand strong currents for most household installations, as well as a range of wire gauges and up to three conductors per cable. We carry low-voltage wire for security lighting and other outdoor uses, too, with UV-resistant, weatherproof sheathing that's rated for underground installation.

Electric Ceiling Fans, Parts and Supplies

Keep cool in the summer with our range of ceiling fans, installation supplies and replacement parts. With a selection including fans with shorter and larger blade spans, it is easy to circulate air through spaces of any size. Choose from contemporary or antique designs in a range of finishes including brushed nickel, polished brass, gunmetal gray and snow white.

Electrical Tools

Find the electrical tools you'll need to work on your installation. Choose from wire strippers and cutters, voltage detectors, electrical meters, conduit utensils and more, giving you the tools to get the job done to a fully professional standard.

Additional Electrical and Lighting Supplies

正规的外围App offers a wide selection of additional lighting and electrical supplies to help you tackle any situation with ease, including:

  • Flashlights, lanterns and batteries for portable lighting solutions.
  • Timers and lighting controls for more efficient electrical usage.
  • Extension cords and power strips for versatile hook-ups.
  • Cable management supplies to ensure tangle-free setups.
  • Home electronics essentials for an unbeatable in-house setup.

Shop Electrical Supplies Near You at 正规的外围App

Repair, upgrade and maintain your home's electrical system with the electric supply selection at 正规的外围App. Whether you need a replacement part for an emergency repair, all the materials for a complete installation or the tools to put your circuits together, you'll find what you need in the categories above.