High-quality, reliable power tools make short work of even the toughest jobs. Choosing the right tool makes your projects easier 和 safer, protects your materials from accidental damage 和 gives you better results in a shorter amount of time. Our selection of electric power tools 和 power tool kits contains everything you need to equip your workshop for any task.

Efficient Electric 电动工具

Whether you need a single tool for a one-off home repair, or you want to stock or upgrade your whole workshop, our power tool range covers all the items you're looking for. Our most popular sections include:

  • Power Drills, Screwdrivers 和 影响司机: Bore holes 和 drive screws in no time with efficient power drills 和 影响司机.
  • 桑德斯: Smooth wood, metal 和 other surfaces with , 轨道表桑德斯 available in a variety of power ratings.
  • Circular, Miter 和 Bench Saws: Cut wood, metal 和 tiling with 乐队, 圆形, 台式电锯 和更多的, offering high cutting power with close control.
  • 角磨 & 台研磨机: Versatile tools for cutting tiles, polishing metal, removing paint or rust 和 much more.
  • 权力剪: Easily work with sheet metal, cutting accurate straight lines or smooth curves.
  • 木头路由器: Cut out patterns, joints 和 grooves in wood using cordless 和 corded routers in compact designs.
  • 棘轮 & 扳手: Quickly tighten 和 loosen the stiffest of nuts 和 bolts without much effort using powered wrenches 和 ratchet sets.
  • Combination Power Tool Sets: Save money by buying multiple power tools  in one set, combining cordless drills, 影响司机, 锯, 充电器, 和更多的. 

We also stock a range of accessories including replacement blades, 位, guides 和 st和s to keep your power tools running at their best. 

Enjoy the Convenience of Cordless 电动工具

Switching to cordless power tool sets gives you all the power 和 performance of regular electric tools, but without the inconvenience 和 potential risk of trailing cables. If you need to work away from an electrical outlet, or if your project means you're working in confined spaces, our cordless power tools make your job easy. 配备强大的, long-lasting batteries with quick charging ability, cordless tools offer unmatched convenience 和 capability.

Electric 电动工具 from Trusted 品牌 

Reliability 和 long-lasting performance are essential qualities to look for when investing in a power tool set, 和 buying from a trusted br和 ensures you're choosing the best. 在正规的外围App硬件, we stock cordless 和 electric tools from major names including Craftsman, 德瓦尔特, 密尔沃基和更多, providing quality 和 ease of use you can rely on.

Tackle your next job with ease using electric h和 tools from 正规的外围App. Browse our selection to find the power tools you need, then order online for free in-store pickup or quick delivery direct to your door from participating locations.